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People these days are not much convinced about the online shopping specially in Nepal, Here are all the queries where you can find the answer related to the Kathmandu.Gallery websites.

  1.  How to place an order?
    You can add the product to the card or can contact us directly to place an order.
  2. What we can do for the cancellation of transaction?
    We simply have to remove the product in the cart section
  3. What to do when we don't receive our item?
    You cant contact directly in our contact number and ask regarding it.
  4. What if item doesn't match with what described on website?
    Please do contact us for that issues. 
  5. How to place an order? Do I need to register on site?
    No you don't need to register on website.
  6. Can I get a sample of product?
    No, you cannot get a sample of product. You can buy it online or visit us.